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Agile methodologies: continuous evolution

Agile methodologies: continuous evolution

Agile methodologies: continuous evolution

Executing large projects is part of everyday life for most people and finding ways to make their processes simpler and more efficient is essential to success.

But how to ensure that projects get off the ground with a well-done execution?

Agile methodologies bring us intelligent and efficient methods that simplify the way we execute a project, generating positive impacts. They propose short development cycles, well-defined deliveries and continuous process improvement.

To apply an agile method, consider:

  • Communication: having good interaction with people
  • Practicality: using tools that support the process
  • Expectations alignment: greater alignment and clarity in details
  • Flexibility: respond positively to changes

Get to know 3 interesting and very efficient methods now:

Simplest method of execution based on a famous checklist. Create a table, divide it into three columns and organize it as follows:

  • TO DO (to do): add tasks to be done and time intervals
  • IN PROGRESS (making): add the tasks that are being made
  • DONE (done / completed): add completed and delivered tasks

It focuses on the idea of ​​a “lean” concept: using only the necessary resources to carry out the project. It is essential to reduce costs, decrease the complexity of tasks, improve deliveries, increase productivity and share information.

Consider well-defined roles for each person involved in the project. Create a list in order of priority. Review the activities developed with your team, validate and adapt when necessary. See the page to go deeper into this method.

Now that you know agile methodologies it’s time to start using them and see how they can impact positively in your life!

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