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Be your BEST! (part 2)

Be your BEST! (part 2)

Be your BEST! (part 2)

Here’s the second and last part of our BE YOUR BEST series! ????

In order to bring new tools for your development, in the previous newsletter we shared with you the “Top Tips” of the first two competencies of the BEST leadership model: Building blocks and Execution proficiency.

Today, we will delve into the other two competencies that make up the model: Strategic Competence and Talent. This is another opportunity to acquire skills and be closer to achieving your goals, creating competitive advantage and developing a leadership vision with a focus on dialogue and active listening.

Strategic Proficiency

No matter the area, there is a strategy for everything in life. Define your goal, commit, invest in yourself and start right now.

Top Tips:

        •  Be clear: Ask yourself questions and find out where you really want to go.

        •  Define the path: planning your journey will help you avoid frustrations.

        •  Make important decisions in the morning: scientific evidence shows that the morning is the best time of day to make decisions.

        •  Put it into practice: the results and the changes will come if you work to make them happen.


It is never too late to manifest the best in you! Celebrate your own talent and your colleague’s as well. Build a learning environment in your restaurant and allow people’s talents to rise and shine!

Top Tips:

        •  You don’t need to accelerate, just don’t stop: what honors talent is discipline

        •  Do not depend on the motivation to act: initiative is the spark of talent

        •  Do yourself a favor: invest on self development. It’s something that will help you grown personally and professionally wherever you may be.

Put these top tips into practice, develop each of the BEST skills and make the most of your potential. Ready to get better and better?

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