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Core Curriculum on a virtual format: released!

Core Curriculum on a virtual format: released!

Core Curriculum on a virtual format: released!

Hamburger University’s Core Curriculum was adapted to continue offering a continuous process of education and support for the development of our people.

Joining forces with the training areas of Arcos Dorados, the Hamburger University team worked on adapting the CTL, RLP, BLP and NCDP courses to the virtual format and presented tools and resources to keep delivering the best learning experiences.

The facilitators also received training to learn specific facilitation tools and techniques for the virtual environment.

The adapted curriculum has already demonstrated several benefits for the business:

•  High standard training content available to all countries in Arcos Dorados

•  Savings in travel and accommodation costs for participants and facilitators

•  Time optimization

• Up-to-date content

•  Innovation in learning methods

Have you heard the news?

To support our restaurant teams to continue generating feel-good times and ensure the safety of everyone who visits us, we launched the course Leading Coolture of Service in New Normal, a training specially focused on strengthening health, safety and hygiene measures and guaranteeing smiles , unique experiences and a lot of security for our people and our customers.

Adapting to changes is one of the greatest skills that we have learnt in 2020. In 2021, we will continue to work together and to support our people on overcoming challenges. Keep safe and smile!

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