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Disconnect to reconnect

Disconnect to reconnect

Have you been enjoying your offline moments?

The practice of not taking advantage of leisure time to disconnect and recharge the energies, although common, has very negative consequences: stress, anxiety, drop in the productive potential, decreased creativity and low capacity for innovation.

Rethinking habits, personal relationships and intensely experiencing moments in the “offline world” put you in touch with differences, innovations, with the family, with yourself and provide moments when you can be present in a more intense and happy way.

Having moments to recharge and disconnecting to reconnect is exactly what the Mindfullness practices can provide you. It is very simple and the benefits are impressive. Give it a try: 

  • Take a break from your activity to observe your breathing. As you breathe it, receive energy and vigor. Exhale it, eliminate body impurities and mind. Evolve that changes in the body, thinking and emotions for five minutes.
  • Keep a time frame in the week just for you. You are alone, do something you want: read, walk, listen to music.
  • If you are anxious about being tense about a task, it’s time to reduce speed. Concentrate on your breathing. Inhale and exhale deeply how many times and how well you react.
  • If possible, take a few minutes of sun and feel the effect of the heat on your skin. Take advantage of this effect.
  • What do you feel in your body? What are you thinking and what are you feeling? Try to identify what is going on inside you now.

Dedicate your time in a balanced way to all the pillars of your life: health, family, work, self-care, etc. Approve the present moment to be happy and keep connected with you the best way.

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