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Duolingo and Busuu Apps

Duolingo and Busuu Apps

Duolingo and Busuu Apps

Learn another language without leaving home! Check now 2 amazing apps that will help in your development.

Duolingo (iOS and Android)

Duolingo is one of the most famous language learning apps nowadays. And the best news: it’s totally free of cost. According to users and the developer, 34 hours on the app is equivalent to one semester of classes.

Another really cool thing is that you learn by playing. The app has a very nice layout and the navigation is in game style. You can “lose lives” or move up the scale as you answer the questions.

With artificial intelligence, the app adapts to your needs and you have a fun learning experience at your own pace. Try it!


Busuu (iOS and Android)

Another reference application in language learning is Busuu.

Busuu’s main objective is to teach the 3,000 most important words in the chosen language along with the most used phrases. This helps building a solid foundation for the development of writing, speaking and listening skills.

Interactive navigation and the game format are ideal for those who prefer more dynamic and fast learning.

At first, the app is free, but it will require payment as you advance with the lessons. Despite this, the test is worthwhile!

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