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Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is behind all our decisions and attitudes, it is our ability to recognize and manage our moods and actions.

Did you know that it is possible to learn and develop emotional skills throughout your life and that this defines 80% of the results you wish to obtain?

Observing how you feel is the starting point!

Learn to recognize your emotions and reactions, how to play your instrument and at the same time be able to follow the melody of the group. Thinking outside the box, disabling autopilot and going way beyond what you can imagine.

Understand the importance of developing emotional intelligence as a way to improve professional performance and interpersonal interaction.

Access: MCampus | Click Course Catalog | Search for Agile Learning.

In addition to this theme, others await you:

  • Difficult conversations
  • Digital Transformation
  • Self development


Agile Learning – Design your professional future.

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