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Find your Magic with Happy Meal

Find your Magic with Happy Meal

Find your Magic with Happy Meal

On March 5, the fascinating premiere of Onward, of Disney and Pixar, will surprise kids with a new animated fantasy adventure. With this month’s Happy Meal, families will get to know a little more about the lead characters of the film and, with them, discover adventures that they never imagined.

There’s nothing more wonderful for the little ones than entering a world full of emotion, amazing destinations and fantastic creatures. Brothers Ian and Barley invite kids to join them in a fun, magical adventure.

Happy Meal presents an incredible collection of toys of the 10 lead characters of the Disney and Pixar movie. Each one has different features, according to their specific role.

From left to right: 1. Gema Fenix and Báculo 2. Brasita, 3. Ginebra and Barley Lightfoot, 4. Colt Bronco 5. Wilden Lightfoot, 6. Unicorn, 7. Ian Lightfoot, 8. Dewdrop and Pixie Dusters, 9. Laurel Lightfoot and the Manticore, 10. Raven’s Point.

The toy line is perfect for the whole family. Kids can let their imaginations soar, performing magic tricks to teach their friends. It’s also a great collection for parents to bond with their kids and share their enthusiasm.

Fans of the film can keep exploring their inner magic with the activities available in the Happy Meal App.

Plus, Happy Meal offers kids the choice of a book from the collection of The Treetop Twins Adventures by the renowned English author Cressida Cowell, with new stories for the whole family to enjoy!

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