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Let’s celebrate our achievements together!

Let’s celebrate our achievements together!

Let’s celebrate our achievements together!

We are reaching the end of 2020. A totally atypical year that imposed changes, adaptation and a lot of agility. It was time to risk, make mistakes and get it right with every decision made. It was also filled with great achievements and excellent opportunities to innovate, do different and even better.

After a year of hard work, it is finally time to reap the rewards, to remember our journey and celebrating with you the successes we have achieved TOGETHER!

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion is an indispensable theme at Arcos Dorados. And this year, many actions about it were developed. At the beginning of the 2nd semester, our traditional HU Sessions brought the theme LGBTIQ + Pride so that we can contribute to a more inclusive world, preventing acts and attitudes that are against diversity and promoting #ArcosPride.

Also focusing on this pillar, another HU Sessions was structured with the theme Unconscious biases helping each participant to “deal with what is different”.

In Arcos Dorados we want an increasingly diverse and inclusive environment. WE ARE gender, WE ARE sexual diversity, WE ARE intergenerational relationships, WE ARE health and well being. WE ARE!

* To review these sessions, go to MCampus.

Core Curriculum Virtual

With the arrival of the “new normal” the Hamburger University Core Curriculum was adapted to continue offering a continuous process of education and support for the development of our people. Courses adapted to the virtual format: SLT, RLP, BLP and NCDP. Graduating approximately 8.000 managers. The adapted curriculum has already demonstrated several benefits for the business:

  • Delivering quality training available to all countries in Arcos Dorados.
  • Savings in travel and accommodation costs for participants and facilitators.
  • Travel time optimization.
  • Updating topics in training.
  • Innovation in learning formats with communication and interactive tools for virtual classes.

The participants’ learning and experience process continued in the first place. Check the number of certifications:

SLT – Shift Leadership Transitions Course

34 classes – Brazil, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Peru and Chile – totaling: 928 certifications.

RLP – Restaurant Leaders Practice Course

12 classes – Colombia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Panama, Ecuador, Chile, Peru and Argentina – totaling: 236 certifications.

BLP – Business Leaders Practice Course

7 classes – Puerto Rico, Mexico, Uruguay, Peru, Argentina and Chile – totaling: 133 certifications.

NCDP – New Consultants Development Program

2 classes – NOLAD Division, Caribbean / SLAD – totaling: 65 certifications.

SOMOS Committee Train The Trainers: Unconscious biases

The SOMOS committee members experienced a complete development process in order to continue sharing knowledge across the Company. The participants received the Training for Virtual Facilitation and the Virtual Workshop on Unconscious Biases. These experiences guarantee training in both facilitation skills and technical knowledge on the topic of unconscious biases, one of the first that will be driven by the entire Company in 2021.

Virtual Facilitation Training

The Super Facilitators Program raised participant’s knowledge and skills by offering them an opportunity to present at and practice modern methodologies, more effective teaching techniques and innovative learning resources, such as digital tools for interacting with the public.

Digital Academy

In partnership with ADvance and McKinsey, the Digital Academy was launched in September with the commitment to bring knowledge about agility and digital trends to the Company, supporting the digital and organizational transformation of Arcos Dorados. More than 690 people have already participated in the four webinars that addressed topics such as agility, digital trends in the global food market, the era of ecosystems and digital in QSR. All content is available at MCampus.


IT knowledge download guaranteed in this partnership with Cisco Networking Academy!
This year we offerred an opportunity to learn about technology for employees and family members from all over Latin America with more than 225 hours of training and more than 1.120 participants.
The results are incredible for those who want to pursue a career in IT. The courses are completely online and free. Check the catalog themes: Internet of things; Connect: Introduction to computers and Introduction to CyberSecurity.

Virtual Workshop: McDelivery as e-commerce

Together with McDelivery’s SQUAD we developed a fully virtual workshop to look through the eyes of the consumer every step of their journey on e-commerce platforms. With two classes held, 57 participants representing the 4 AD divisions had the opportunity to delve deeper into the fundamental pillars of the customers’ journey, understanding the current consumer experience and designing the perfect experience. The challenge now is to put the techniques learned into practice and continue generating delicious moments through McDelivery.

HU + Microsoft + LinkedIn partnership is BEST

This perfect combo is in the top 1 of the best partnerships in 2020. Courses that connect you to a learning experience to boost your BEST skills.

Our first launch delivered the learning path for Building blocks, with the goal of developing and strengthening skills on this competence. The second addressed the best ways to boost your career and take you to the next professional level, increasing your execution proficiency.

The last two launches linked to strategic competence and talent include more than 50 courses in Portuguese, Spanish and English. This partnership adds up to more than 215 hours of training. If you haven’t seen it yet, access MCampus now and enjoy.

Managers as Business Leaders in NOLAD

A program designed with the best specialists focused on developing the skills and knowledge of restaurant managers to lead the business effectively, boosting operational results. There will be 10 fully virtual training modules, starting now in December with the theme “Marketing fundamentals” and the next modules will be delivered throughout 2021.

Hamburger University’s Special Selection

We shared several learning experiences this year through our Special Selection. There were 12 editions with more than 50 contents selected especially to boost your development. We interacted with you among the many wellness tips, top tips, divisional highlights, digital transformation content, agile learning recommendations, entertainment and leadership tips.


An innitiative that emerged to support our people in an atypical and changing moment is now a “must have” in 2021. ???? This project was a success!

We thank the participation of more than 7,000 people in the 18 sessions that took place during the year. Check out some topics presented by the best specialists on the subject: Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Sustainability, Finance, Diversity and Inclusion, Cybersecurity and Consumer Habits. Want a replay? All sessions are available on Mcampus.

Agile Learning

You probably already know the great range of courses available at Agile Learning. If not, run to MCampus and project your professional future right now.

The adherence to the 12 courses is impressive: there are more than 132 thousand people enrolled in the program! Wanna know the most popular topics? Emotional intelligence, Difficult conversations, Digital transformation and Self development.


Restaurant Departament Management

New e-learning courses to be launched in 2021! Themes: P&L, Projections, Scheduling, Training and LSM.

In addition, we will also launch the updated version of RDM’s manual, helping to raise the levels of gold standards operations.

And much more is coming! Now it is time to look ahead, redo plans, envision new horizons, open your heart to dream and act to achieve ????. See you in 2021!


Hamburger University – Made with you!

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