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HU Sessions

HU Sessions

HU Sessions

We are all facing a new reality and accelerated transformations that require adaptation and new skills.

In order to contribute to your development, Hamburger University presents to you HU Sessions.

In a fully digital format, we’ve invited the best specialists to address topics that will help you accelerate your personal and professional growth.

Visit MCampus, search for HU Sessions, put on your headset and enjoy the exclusive content prepared for you.

What you will find there:

  • Communication in times of crisis, with Bianca Nesi

Communication remains as one of the most effective competencies for team success. Learn how to practice empathic communication and active listening.

  • Emotional Gymnastics, with Gaby Hostnik

Learn to exercise your resilience and emotional balance.

  • Recipe for the future, with Leonardo Lima

Talking about the future is all about taking care of the planet. Get to know our Recipe for the future and understand.

  • Positive Balance, with Amália Sangueza

Controlling the budget has never been so importante as it is now. Enrich your personal finance knowledge with the subject matter expert.

Enjoy and share with friends what you have learned.

Content available in the languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English.

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