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Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning

Attitude, behavior, and purpose define the construction and trajectory of Hamburger University with you throughout its 24 years of experience in Latin America. Supporting you in your career evolution, being the basis of your growth and building a personal brand is our focus.

With a mindset focused on continuous learning and development, we generate delicious moments of knowledge, learning and results for everyone.

Check out our actions created and developed for you.

Core Curriculum
Your development, growth, and evolution as a person and professional can’t stop. Core Curriculum courses are here to support you in your growth in and out of the restaurant. The ranking of certifications neither stops nor can. Let’s look at courses and country certifications:

  • DLM: 11 classes – (Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Ecuador, Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Colombia, Panama, and Mexico) – totaling 230 certifications.
  • SLT: 38 classes – (Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Ecuador, Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Colombia, Panama, Puerto Rico, Mexico) – totaling 876 certifications.
  • RLP: 13 classes – Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Costa Rica, Argentina, Ecuador, Chile, Uruguay, and Peru – totaling 329 certifications.
  • BLP: 6 classes – Colombia, Aruba, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Brazil – 174 totaling certifications
  • NCDP: 1 class – Brazil – 36 certifications.

Training and development of RDM Managers
Our learning and development Cooltura never stop. Training for Department Managers now includes new courses on technical topics: Training system, Schedule system, Projections and Discovering the P&L. The courses have different forms, from interactive digital books to games and challenges with real everyday situations.

Courses are available on MCampus, in Portuguese, Spanish, French and English.

In addition to the courses, another new is the update of the RDM Manual. In addition to the more modern and representative look for our people, the content of the manual brings news such as more information about the BEST Competency Model and everything about the roles and responsibilities of the Production and Sustainability Manager. The manual now provides more clarity on the training of managers in each department, including the fundamental and mandatory requirements for each role.

Diversity & Inclusion – #PrideArcos
At Arcos Dorados we promote a culture of free and authentic expression. We recognize, respect and value all people and reject any form of discrimination.

From January to July this year, many actions were developed and put into practice. A major movement to promote a culture that contributes to generating a safe, respectful, diverse and inclusive work environment has been carried out by the Diversity and Inclusion Committee. Follow this movement and stay tuned in the actions:

  • HR Diversity and Inclusion Guide: it focuses in the employee’s trajectory to guide HR referents on how to carry out a process with gender equality.
  • Guide to a more inclusive and non-sexist language: provides tools for written and verbal communication in Arcos Dorados that contribute to the elimination of gender stereotypes, sexist prejudices and various forms of discrimination that perpetuate inequalities.
  • Unconscious Bias Guide – How to Work Them: Talks about the most common types of unconscious biases, along with tactics you can use to ensure that workplace decisions are not guided by them.
  • Content on gender: approaches the main concepts we promote at Arcos Dorados in terms of Diversity and Inclusion, such as:
    • What is sex, gender, gender expression and gender identity?
    • What is sexism and feminism?
    • What is a glass ceiling and glass wall?
    • What is gender equality, gender equity and gender parity?
  • Debucking Diversity Myths: course available on MCampus to all Arcos Dorados employees that allows them to learn concepts about sexual diversity through content pills, questionnaires and policies.

Quality gold standard
In order to fulfill the brand’s promise in the delivery of Quality Gold Standard products, we developed the Quality Webinar with content focused on three products (bread, meat and cheese) and three attributes (temperature, flavor and appearance) aimed at the entire team of operations. More than 500 people participated and are prepared to take our customers’ experience to the next level.

Two e-learning courses were also developed: Everything about Meat and Breads and Quality of cheese. The contents focus on all the procedures and processes that we must carry out to guarantee a Gold Quality Standard product. Since its launch in April/21, many people in Latin America are already trained, see:

  • Cheese Quality: 428 people certified
  • Everything about Bread and Meat: 616 people certified

And it does not stop there! We make stickers and a very nice video showing how the quality of our products is important for the company and for our customers.

There’s a lot more “coming out of the oven” content for you! Another e-learning for Business Unit Managers will soon be launched on MCampus, with complete content on quality processes, equipment, suppliers, reception and storage of goods, complaints, etc. Don’t miss it! #OBSESSEDWITHQUALITY

Managers as Business Leaders Program
A pilot program implemented in the NOLAD division in December/20 to June/21 has already certified 30 Business Unit Managers and was a great success, so much that a new group has already started in Mexico. The goal is to certify more than 200 managers in the program.

Creating and implementing strategic planning, positioning the brand in the market, increasing profitability, having good management and optimizing processes are some of the program’s learning objectives.

The contents were developed considering the context of Arcos Dorados, comprising 10 modules in total. Check out the GLN themes:

  1. Fundamentals of Marketing and Consumer Behavior
  2. Sales management: how to boost your sales?
  3. Basics of finance and accounting
  4. Quality / Logistics at McDonald’s – Arcos Dorados
  5. People management
  6. Fundamentals of administration – Development of the entrepreneurial spirit
  7. Empathic communication: language use skills
  8. The human dimension in business management
  9. Trading Strategies
  10. Brand building

Agile Learning
Agile Learning doesn’t stop growing and neither do you! SE-VEN (7) new courses entered the catalog in this first semester. Have you already checked it out? Don’t waste time and check out the news right now:

  • Negotiation: how to apply the Harvard method
  • Overcome challenges
  • Inspiring teams
  • Scrum for productivity
  • Sprint in practice
  • Agile Mindset
  • Conflict resolution: strategies and tools

More than 272.000 participants are already enrolled in the 19 courses available on the platform. Awesome, don´t you think?

*Content available in Portuguese and Spanish

HU and LinkedIn Learning Partnership
A dose of LinkedIn and a dash of Hamburger University connects you to a personalized learning experience with dozens of quick and free online courses for you to develop whenever and wherever you want. A total of 27 courses are available, totaling 37 hours of training and more than 9,561 subscribers are already enjoying the contents. There’s a lot of cool stuff! In addition, you receive an exclusive certificate from LinkedIn. Awesome, right?

Check out the themes available on MCampus:

Language Program – EF
Learn English online, in your time and the best, with McDonald’s sponsoring. Really good, don’t you think? Learning a new language has never been easier.

With the aim of developing a new competence and offering a great benefit to Arcos Dorados employees, the language program in partnership with EF has been a success.

  • 24×7 online platform with innovative features such as voice recognition to improve pronunciation.
  • Program sponsored by Arcos Dorados for a period of six months for staff employees and restaurant managers.
  • Choose the level according to your knowledge of English, basic, intermediate or advanced.
  • More than 1,637 people are already putting the new language into practice in more than 15 countries (Argentina, Aruba, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela).

HU Sessions
More than 22 countries, more than 3,000 participants, from January to July, 7 themes, quick content, the best experts in the subject and everything recorded on MCampus. All of this for you to lightly learn the most current and relevant subjects. Just take a look at this semester’s HU Sessions. (If you haven’t seen it yet, go to MCampus, because there’s still time).

  • The Future of Work
  • Unstoppable Women
  • Health and wellness
  • Cybersecurity – How do you take care of your data?
  • Webinar Design of Sustainable Efficient Restaurants
  • Plan de Calidad 2021 – El Tema es Estándar de Oro!
  • Pride

Now in the second semester there is much more to come! Stay tuned for communications at Hamburger University.

*Content available in Portuguese and Spanish

Programa Diseño y Construcciones
Together with the expansion team, the Diseño y Construcciones Program was developed, which is now available in Spanish to all employees in the area and to Arcos Dorados authorized suppliers (architecture and related studios, for example). The program aims to provide all the necessary knowledge to design a dessert center, McCafé or a McDonald’s restaurant up to standards, with a focus on design, quality and cost optimization. The dedication of technical references (expansion team members) resulted in very high quality, relevant content that will be essential for improving the integration of new employees and suppliers in the area.

Created to support the development of the skills of each employee, the BEST Model consists of 4 skills: execution capacity, strategic skills, talent and bases for success. We know that developing each one of them requires effort, dedication and challenges. With this in mind, in addition to various contents created to support this development, other actions were also created this semester:

  • Career Conversations: is a guide that provides tools that support you to accelerate and promote, through conversations, self-development and others.
  • Guide – Interview Template: provides guidance on how to carry out the competency-based interview process. Some topics you will find are keys to a good competency interview, communication with a gender perspective, STAR technique, and a toolkit with a BEST competency model question bank.
  • Guide for restaurant leaders BEST and PGD model: it is a tool kit that provides information to guide the different stages of the management team’s PGD in the stages of definition of goals, BEST leadership model, Feedback to develop, motivate and achieve goals, in addition to conversations about careers.

Spoiler alert: safe and respectful work environment
Launch of new e-learning courses in August!

Themes: Safe and respectful workplace (French / English) and Unconscious Biases (French / English / Portuguese).

Hamburger University – Made with you!

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