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Main technological trends

Main technological trends

Main technological trends

Which are the technological trends that will be changing the way we connect to consumers?

Technology has changed consumers. As we become more used to technology, we also expect more from the brands we interact with; nowadays, as consumers, we expect our physical experiences to have the same level of convenience, immediacy and customization that our digital experiences do.

Digital transformation will only accelerate these changes, and these are the main technologies that will be evolving over the next 5 years:

  1. Our lives will get easier thanks to artificial intelligence:

Machines are becoming more intelligent over time, and now, they’re starting to think like humans. This means that we’ll be relying more and more on technology to make personal decisions.

Think of the last time you decided to watch something on Netflix, listened to something on Spotify or chose a route on your way back home… artificial intelligence was no doubt influencing your decision.

  1. The voice assistant era

“Voice assistants” like Ok Google, Siri and Cortana are becoming predominant in everyday devices, delivering the information that users seek in new ways.

Natural voice recognition will become the user interface for multiple connected devices: telephones, speakers, watches, television sets, headphones, domestic appliances, automobiles and intelligent homes.

If you’d like to experiment, watch this video or ask your phone, “Ok, Google, where’s the nearest McDonalds?”

  1. Everything, absolutely everything, will be connected

Today, 99% of “things” aren’t connected to the Internet.

By 2025, 40 billion devices will be detected by and connected to the Internet (from 14.2 billion in 2018). The Internet of Things (IoT) will be the largest source of data in the world. It’ll allow us to create comprehensive experiences for the customer, including portable devices and wireless payments.

  1. Digital vision and faster connectivity

Computers are starting to “see” the same way humans do. Machines will be able to recognize objects, places, feelings and movements.

Together with the fastest wireless networks (5G/WiFi 6) and billions of camera-ready devices, they’ll allow us to create new types of immersive content.

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