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McConnected with Hamburger University

McConnected with Hamburger University

McConnected with Hamburger University

In this HU Informs our union spoke louder. Watch this production and feel the energy that flowed between everyone and in every action we’ve designed especially for you and with you!


If you are looking for an opportunity to expand your horizons and improve your development, you will find it at Hamburger University!

We have launched great educational partnerships with top-tier educational institutions offering exclusive discounts and special conditions for our employees throughout Brazil*. In our list of partners, it is possible to find more than 200 institutions and more than 700 face-to-face and distance learning courses for Graduation, Postgraduate, MBA, Extension / Technician major, Languages, ​​and Exchange Programs. To check all the options available, click here.

* partnerships available only for Brazil.


Technology skills download guaranteed with Cisco Networking Academy!

Our successful partnership offers our employees and their families a professional skills development program in the technology sector, 100% online. Acquire new skills without leaving home on courses already available on the platform: “Connect yourself: Introduction to computing”; “Internet of things”; “Introduction to #Cybersecurity”. More than 550 people have registered and are getting closer to their certification every day. Don’t miss this opportunity to make yourself a “knowledge download”.*

* partnerships available only for Brazil.


2020 required innovation and paradigm breaking from all of us. With the commitment to continue supporting our people in this moment of uncertainty, we adapted and launched a new project. The HU Sessions provided 11 hours of content and more than 3,800 people participated in conversations with internal and external experts on Emotional skills, Diversity, The new normal, Finance, Sustainability, New consumer habits and Communication. With average satisfaction of 95% of the public, what was a contingency plan activity became an ongoing action for the entire Arcos Dorados and community. In addition to thanking the experts, we also want to acknowledge the partnership of the McDelivery team, which helped us bring good times to our supporters. If you didn’t participate, don’t worry: all sessions were recorded and are now available at MCampus. Enjoy and stay tuned for the editions to come.


In order to reinforce the importance of crisis and risk management in restaurants Hamburger University, Brazil’s Operations Development and Internal Communications teams joined forces to train the entire management team from restaurants, franchisees and senior leadership in Arcos Dorados on how to act in difficult situations and avoid possible crises in the actual scenario, addressing topics such as: The 3 C’s Rule – Care, Control and Commitment; How to identify a crisis; First steps in responding to the crisis.

15 hours of content were delivered through several Webinars | 1642 people trained from Regional SAO; BRA and RSOU.


The facilitators from NOLAD division started the year living intense days by participating in the Developing the Leader in Me Train the Trainers. DLM is now part of the new curriculum for Department Leaders. During the 5 days of immersion, the 27 participants were able to improve their knowledge about “Fundamentals in Facilitation” and “Advanced Techniques in Facilitation” and experienced the application of the new course with the support of the HU team.


The Santa Fé Academic Training Center, in Mexico, reached 100% of the requirements of the global standards for training delivery, guaranteeing the update on their Hamburger University’s certification. The evolution of the team’s performance is constant and also a reason to be very proud: in 2018, they reached 91% compliance with the standards. With a focused and well implemented action plan, they managed to achieve the impressive result of 100% of the requirements in 2019. Congratulations to all!


“The mind that opens up to a new idea will never return to its original size”, said Albert Einstein. To continue leveraging the knowledge of our people, 7 new courses were launched in the first semester. The courses are free, modern, fast and you receive your certificate as soon as you finish. In a sentence: a must see! Check out the themes:

The Art of Leadership/ Learning to learn/ Singularity Management/ Innovation for results/ Lifelong Learning – Build a learning mindset/ Responsive Organization/ Reducing complexity is simple.

Available on MCampus: Go to “Catalog” or “My courses” and search for Agile Learning


Suddenly, the world scenario changes, the certainty that we had of an annual planning is no longer valid, people need social distancing from their routines, technology speaks louder and the challenge of being “close” and making a difference to help people has allowed us to give wings to creativity. Between the months of April and May, we’ve shared with internal community more than 30 contents specially selected to continue boosting their development in this atypical moment.

We’ve interacted with them by sharing various wellness and anti-stress tips; top tips recommending series, books, TED Talks, virtual tours and online courses such as: finance, home office, time management, technology and personal development. We’ve launched 5 special selections and we will just keep going: in this second semester, many more news will reach you. Stay tuned!


This year, for the first time, the Program will be 100% virtual. A huge challenge for our team that is fully focused focus on preparation, creation and testing tools to make sure participants will live an extraordinary experience. We will certify, in this class, 67 Consultants (35 NOLAD; 14 SLAD; 18 CARIBBEAN) led by these outstanding facilitators:

  • Ivan Medina (Operations Manager Puerto Rico)
  • Luis Carlos Dávila Valles (Operations Manager Mexico)
  • Pablo Daniel Díaz Jamett (National Operations Manager)
  • Veronica Espinoza (Human Resource Manager Mexico)

Consultants from Brazil will also be able to enjoy this experience in a class that will start in August / 20.


Hamburger University and the Brazil Division (Training and Operations) continue to invest in a successful future for our company, creating more learning opportunities for facilitators, those key professionals who share what they know and are actively engaged in developing our people.The Super Facilitators Program raised participant’s knowledge and skills by offering them an opportunity to present at and practice modern methodologies, more effective teaching techniques and innovative learning resources, such as digital tools for interacting with the public.The SAO and BRA regional teams were the first to participate in this initiative.Soon we will return with Virtual Facilitation Training with the mission of providing memorable moments, sharing coolness and making possible the transformations that our business needs.


How to plan your goals and targets more effectively?

That was the question we asked 97 employees of the NOLAD Division who participated in the “Proyecto Yo” Program, in partnership with the IPMA (International Project Manegement Association). With three modules and four weeks length, the participants learned tools and improved their knowledge to design, plan and execute more effectively any project in their personal and professional life.

In Brazil, the Sustainable Development Program continues to engage and bring knowledge about Sustainability. In this first semester, the area shared with our employees, suppliers, franchisees and the community content related to circular economy, food waste, waste management, food safety and hygiene for more than 2.600 people.


MCampus reports:

  • It is possible now for the management teams to obtain reports on the courses taken by the restaurant staff.
  • Download time of reports was improved.
  • Virtual Library: Excel reports will now be available with more info by using the “advanced search” resource.
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