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Difficult Conversations

Difficult Conversations

Difficult Conversations

Have you ever had a difficult conversation? How did you feel? What did you do to make it more pleasant and to avoid turning it into an argument?

Often, we come across some conversations that bring us feelings of restlessness, anxiety, insecurity or doubts about how to conduct them.

The impact of our feelings has a great influence on the way we position ourselves during a conversation. But what can we do to make our feelings and emotions work on our behalf?

Acting respectful, in a transparent and empathic posture towards other’s visions and opinions is essential in a difficult conversation.

Managing your feelings and emotions to stay positive in more complex discussions, directly contributes to making the conversation happen smoothly and with a focus on the expected results or benefits.

So, act comprehensively, listen to each other, analyze what is at stake and be present in the moment. All of this will provide more reliable, strengthened and balanced relationships.

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