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Learning and achieving dreams: interview with Lorena Garin

Learning and achieving dreams: interview with Lorena Garin

Learning and achieving dreams: interview with Lorena Garin

Listening to inspiring stories has the power to cheer us up, right?

We invited Lorena Garin – recently promoted to Scrum Master in Advance and who has been with the company for 25 years, to tell us how she has grown professionally and personally during her career and to tell us the role that learning has played in achieving her dreams and objectives.

Who are you and how did your story begin at Arcos Dorados?

I am Lore Garin and my story at Arcos Dorados begins with an advertisement in the newspaper announcing the opening of a new restaurant in the Palermo neighborhood in Buenos Aires. My sister really wanted to start working (I didn’t really) and she asked me to accompany her, you must already imagine how the story ends … right? She didn’t pass and here I am, celebrating my 25th anniversary.


What was your biggest career challenge and how did you overcome it?

At each stage of my career I had different challenges and this is something that I find fascinating. When I think I had the biggest challenge, another one comes and the way I face them is understanding the goal of this challenge, working as a team, learning and asking for help when I don’t know how to solve something.


How to set career goals and polish talent?

As in a game of chess, I am always thinking, consciously or unconsciously, of the next steps. Always being on the move, not standing still for me is the key. I consider myself an eternal apprentice and that is why I continue to improve myself, studying, learning and listening to the people with whom I share every day. I have great references and people who inspire me to continue setting new goals.


What helps you to stay focused and not giving up on your goals and dreams?

What helps me stay focused is having the confidence to know that we can achieve everything we plan, focusing our actions and day-to-day energy on what we want.




What advice would you give people to build a mentality of continuous development?


For me, it is very good to recognize that there are many things that I do not know and that learning new things allows me to evolve in my thoughts and in my relationships. Doing different things will allow me to be out of my comfort zone. Think about the things you like, make it better and have fun!

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