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Managing your tasks just got easier!

Managing your tasks just got easier!

Managing your tasks just got easier!

Trello is a free and online project management tool, available in desktop and mobile versions (Android and iPhone). The platform is very intuitive and versatile, you can use it to track your work and personal tasks. Oh, and you can invite your team to share and organize activities together.

Signing in

Creating an account on Trello is very simple, just use an existing email and choose your password. The site also offers the option to sign in from a Google account.

How to use

The first thing to do is to create a board, which will concentrate all the information of the project. Then, add lists and cards to help organizing tasks.You can drag and relocate the cards in different lists. Label them by color, create checklist and put deadlines. 

Trello Gold

Although the tool is free, Trello offers a subscription plan with premium features. Check prices and differentials directly on the website.

Access Trello’s website now and discover this magnificent tool that has helped many teams achieve their goals.

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