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Review these courses

Review these courses

Review these courses

This tip is for management teams: how good is your team’s knowledge? How about taking advantage of this moment to review or even discover new things about our processes and standards?

One of the training careers available to teams is Leadership Transitions. The online content of this training is for area and shift managers and it is focused on helping these new leaders to act more effectively with their people and our customers.

Online content in each career:

Leadership Transitions – Area Manager

  • Coolture of Service – Management
  • Shifting into leadership
  • Food safety


Leadership Transitions – Duty Manager

  • Planning for the shift
  • Leading People
  • Engaging people practices
  • Elevating customer’s experiences


Use this moment as a time to renew knowledge and recommend these courses to your team! Together we will become stronger and better prepared to face the challenges of the future.

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